Gum disease starts quietly. At its basic level, gum disease causes tender and swollen gums or bleeding when flossing or brushing teeth. Since these signs appear innocuous, you may brush them away as just another inconvenience. Unfortunately, that’s where you fall into the trap of gum disease. Without appropriate treatment, gum disease causes gum recession, loose teeth, and even systematic problems like heart disease!

Do you suspect gum disease in Alhambra, California? We urge you to seek treatment immediately from Glendale Dental WellnessDr. Ivan Chan offers deep teeth cleaning and other gum disease treatments to keep your gums infection-free. 

Understanding gum disease

The primary cause of gum disease is dental plaque. This thin, colorless film of bacteria constantly forms in your mouth but is easily removable with brushing and flossing. However, failing to remove plaque attracts more harmful bacteria that release gum-irritating toxins. 

Gum disease develops in stages. The earliest form of gum infection is gingivitis, whose warning signs include:

  • Gum tenderness
  • Swollen gums
  • Gum redness
  • Bleeding gums

When you fail to treat gingivitis, the infection spreads beneath the gum surface and attacks the ligaments between teeth and gums, causing gum recession as teeth pull away from gums. Gum disease doesn’t stop here. When left to thrive, it attacks the teeth-supporting bone, causing loose teeth and even tooth loss. 

Targeted treatment for gum disease

Our office provides several gum disease treatment options, depending on the extent of your gum disease. During your consultation, we’ll examine your gums for signs of swelling, redness, or tenderness. Sometimes, we can use a dental probe to measure the distance between teeth and gums. A depth of more than 3mm indicates the presence of gum disease, and the deeper the periodontal pocket, the more severe the infection.

Mild gum disease is curable with optimal oral hygiene alongside standard cleanings. However, if you have significant plaque and tartar build-up, our dentist will recommend deep teeth cleaning to overcome gum disease. 

Deep teeth cleaning is a two-step treatment that uses scaling and root planing to eliminate unwanted bacteria and accumulated dental calculus. Through dental scaling, the dentist uses special tools to remove harmful bacteria above the gum line and from deep pockets between teeth. Root scaling smoothes out tooth roots to encourage healthy tissue reattachment and discourage future bacterial invasions.

Preventing gum disease

While gum disease can be a menace, the great news is that it’s preventable. Observe the tips below to keep your gums issue-free.

  • Brush diligently twice daily
  • Floss everyday 
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • See a dentist every six months
  • Avoid smoking
  • Manage immune-suppressing diseases like diabetes

Since gum disease can have far-reaching consequences beyond your mouth, we try everything possible to keep your smile infection-free. We emphasize preventive dentistry, but when it falls short, we offer non-invasive periodontal treatments to restore your gum health. 

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Don’t let gum disease damage your smile!

Do you suspect gum disease in Alhambra, California? Treat this oral problem before it’s too late. 

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