While seeing your Glendale Dental Wellness dentist to preserve your oral health is important, that’s not the only reason you should visit our dental team. If your smile doesn’t sparkle how it should be, cosmetic dentistry in Echo Park, California, can help restore your smile’s natural brilliance. Using porcelain veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, and other treatments, Dr. Ivan Chan can change the aesthetics of your teeth to make your smile appear whiter, straighter, and even more. 

Revive your smile with our cosmetic dental care services

We all love a perfect smile, but that’s far from reality for many of us. Many smiles are riddled with noticeable chips, stains, gaps, and misalignment. Good news! You don’t have to settle for a smile that doesn’t bring out the best in you. With cosmetic dentistry, we can transform your smile into something you’ll be proud to share with the world.

Our cosmetic dentistry services include the following:

  • Zoom teeth whitening: Has your smile lost its sparkle to wine, coffee, tobacco, or poor oral hygiene? Teeth whitening from our office is an ideal solution to restore your smile’s natural whiteness. Unlike over-the-counter (OTC) solutions that deliver inconsistent, short-lived results, our Zoom teeth whitening removes surface and deeply ingrained tooth stains to ensure effective and long-lasting results. Our teeth whitening method not only whitens your teeth super fast (less than one hour) but also brightens your smile up to eight shades or more. To put this in perspective, many OTC products can only manage two shades
  • Porcelain veneers: If you have gaps, chips, and severely discolored teeth, you need porcelain veneers to restore the beauty of your smile. By placing wafer-thin porcelain laminates on teeth visible when smiling, we can camouflage imperfections to reveal a brighter, perfectly balanced smile
  • Invisalign: For patients with healthy but misaligned teeth, Dr. Chan will recommend Invisalign to complete your smile makeover. Instead of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign uses custom-fitted, transparent trays to align your smile. When used as directed, these invisible aligners complete your treatment in 12-18 months or less 
  • Cosmetic crowns: Dental crowns are primarily used in restorative dentistry but can be used to aesthetically improve misshapen or discolored teeth to achieve a veneer-like finish. Although dental crowns can be created using several materials, we prefer porcelain because of their durability and life-like appearance 
  • Composite dental bonding: If you have bothersome dental flaws, sometimes it takes bonding composite resin directly on the enamel to beautify your smile. With cosmetic dental bonding, Dr. Chan can eliminate minor chips, gaps, and stains to transform your smile from ordinary to stunning

Unlike traditional dentistry, which focuses on improving oral health and functionality, cosmetic dentistry aims to improve aesthetics to create a beautiful smile. We offer personalized cosmetic dentistry to enhance the appearance of your smile based on your unique dental goals, preferences, and facial features. Our personalized aesthetic dentistry helps achieve natural results to complement your overall appearance.

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Affordable aesthetic dentistry near me

Whether you want a subtle smile upgrade or a dramatic smile makeover, there’s no job too small or too big for our cosmetic dental team. 

Please call 818-243-3838 to schedule a free smile assessment with Dr. Chan. We can’t wait to redesign your smile into something you’ll cherish for many years.