Zoom office whitening: Dazzling results … without the wait!

Frustrated by the lackluster results from whitening toothpaste? Did one-size-fits-all whitening kits hurt your mouth? Are you simply tired of yellow, stained teeth that “age” your smile and detract from your vibrant appearance? We get you! Glendale Dental Wellness is pleased to offer professional whitening services that actually work. When designed, administered, and supervised by our dentist, Dr. Ivan Chan, teeth whitening treatment gets even, predictable results. Plus, such professional and custom treatment ensures your comfort and safety. 

Get to know Zoom

Our patients from across Los Angeles County and Southern California appreciate that they can whiten their teeth effectively, painlessly, and safely … without the wait! Dentists generally offer in-office or home whitening. To accommodate the needs of our diverse patients, we are pleased to offer both options. The Zoom system by Philips is our office’s “power” whitening option. 

It is truly a powerful procedure because Dr. Chan can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in just one appointment. Patients who have undergone Zoom appreciate that they can get instant results. With good oral care, those results last. Zoom is also appropriate for patients who want a brighter, more confident smile before their “big day,” be that a wedding, family or school reunion, or job interview. 

The “magic” of office whitening 

Like all of the products available at our practice, the ingredients in Zoom are clinically proven to be effective and safe. Unlike the take-home option, the Zoom whitening process is accelerated. A LED light activates the whitening gel. When the light comes in contact with the gel, the Zoom system works to break down the stains on your teeth rapidly yet gently. Dr. Chan ensures your treatment is safe by isolating the teeth and protecting the gums before applying the whitening agent. This ensures the most precise application while preventing irritation or damage to delicate tissues outside the treatment zone. 

Now, not all patients may prefer power or in-office whitening. You may like that the results from treatment to be revealed gradually, over several days rather than minutes. In that case, at-home teeth whitening may be in your future. When custom-fit whitening trays are filled with gel and worn daily as directed, you can get the same dazzling results achieved with our single-visit chairside option. 

Call 818-243-3838 to schedule your appointment at Glendale Dental Wellness. During your visit, Dr. Chan will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth and work with you to achieve your dream smile.