Repair cavities with safe and natural-looking tooth-colored dental fillings

At Glendale Dental Wellness, Dr. Ivan Chan works closely with individuals from across our corner of Southern California. Close partnerships with patients are built on routine hygiene visits and preventative services to protect the teeth from damage. In turn, Dr. Chan helps his valued patients avoid the need for restorative treatments. 

Preserving natural teeth 

During regular visits, Dr. Chan also looks for early signs of problems such as tooth decay. Tooth-colored dental fillings may be recommended for teeth that have sustained minor damage. This conservative type of dental restoration prevents further damage to the teeth. More extensive damage can lead to the loss of a tooth. Furthermore, severe damage is associated with more aggressive and less conservative restorative treatments to “save” the affected teeth. These treatment options range from dental crowns to root canal therapy (followed by a crown).

Candidates for fillings 

Fillings may be appropriate for patients with lost or eroded tooth structures. Damage may be caused by:

  • Progressive dental decay 
  • Excessive wear and tear 
  • “Mechanical” damage due to behaviors like teeth grinding 
  • Untreated enamel erosion 

For these patients, hygiene modifications to rebuild teeth that have sustained enamel erosion may be insufficient. A dental filling “fills in” the lost tooth structure. It is the “go-to” method to repair cavities. A cavity results from progressive dental decay. As decay progresses, these pits or holes form in the teeth. Fillings build up a tooth weakened due to the loss of natural hard tissue. 

The process

Dr. Chan starts by “preparing” the natural tooth. He ensures all damaged or decayed tissues are removed. This step gives your tooth a clean slate. The prepared dental material is applied once the tooth has been cleaned and reshaped. For tooth-colored fillings, we typically use composite resin. This metal-free material provides many benefits over “traditional” silver-colored fillings made from a metal amalgam. These benefits include: 

  • Composite fillings are designed to match the color of your teeth and blend in seamlessly with your smile.
  • The composite material is biocompatible. It gets along well with natural tissues. 
  • Composites are non-toxic, promote lasting oral and overall health, and are suitable for individuals with metals sensitivities.
  • Tooth-colored fillings preserve the maximum natural structure. So, they are a long-lasting, highly durable, and well-tolerated dental procedure! 

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