Get to know the “best” tooth replacement that modern dentistry has to offer … implants!

Glendale Dental Wellness is pleased to offer the best in modern tooth replacement … with dental implants! A highly versatile form of treatment, Dr. Ivan Chan may use a single implant to replace one tooth or a few strategically placed implants to replace many teeth. As few as four implants may be positioned in the jawbone to retain an entire upper or lower denture. 

How implants work

Patients from across our slice of Southern California are smiling proudly, laughing confidently, and eating comfortably with implant-supported teeth. Implants are but one part of this treatment. The replacement tooth is actually made up of three parts:

  • The implant – A cylindrical-shaped post placed in the jawbone. Made from materials such as titanium, the implant is designed to naturally integrate with the surrounding bone in the jaw. 
  • The abutment – A connector piece that attaches the implant to the replacement or prosthetic tooth. 
  • The prosthetic – For patients who are missing one tooth, a crown or bridge is appropriate. A partial or complete denture may be stabilized by minimal well-positioned implants for patients missing several or all of their teeth.

What to expect

When in our competent hands, replacing your teeth with implants is a straightforward, efficient, and hassle-free process. Generally, after the implants have been surgically positioned in the jawbone, we wait until these artificial tooth roots integrate or join the rest of the bony tissue. Once this process is done, the implant becomes a stable foundation for the prosthetic that is later attached to it. That prosthetic is connected to the implant with the connector abutment. 

The many benefits 

Dental implant-retained replacement teeth are designed like natural teeth. So, they provide the utmost stability and a proper fit. Patients are delighted with the appearance, comfort, and function supported by implant crowns, bridges, and dentures. With the usual good hygiene and regular visits to Glendale Dental Wellness, implant-retained teeth can last a lifetime.

Are you holding on to aching, broken teeth? Do you have embarrassing gaps in your smile? Are you tired of loose, painful, and fake-looking “false teeth”? Call 818-243-3838 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chan at our office in Glendale, CA. We look forward to restoring your confident, healthy smile!