Many times, we tend to focus on looking our best solely for important occasions—think of weddings, corporate dinners, interviews, etc. However, the truth is your everyday appearance and how you perceive it impact your daily life. When you feel confident about your smile, expressing it becomes second nature!

Confidence matters in your professional, social, and personal life, but you may look reserved or less friendly if you smile less often because of tooth discoloration. Glendale Dental Wellness understands a beautiful smile is worth a million dollars. If your smile doesn’t meet your expectations because of tooth stains, Zoom teeth whitening from your dentist in Altadena, California, can help restore your smile’s glow. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ivan Chan to see the difference one treatment can make for your smile. 

Why it’s time to Zoom!

It’s tempting to look for over-the-counter (OTC) solutions when you want to whiten your smile. While OTC whitening methods are cheap, they rarely live up to their promises. Working with a dentist offers a more predictable, safe, and long-lasting option because professionals use clinically-tested bleaching agents.

Instead of trial and error DIY methods, professional teeth whitening like Zoom helps know the results to expect even before the actual treatment. However, although professional treatments eliminate numerous tooth stains, they can only do so much for discoloration caused by trauma, fluorosis, and certain medications. In such cases, we’ll recommend other cosmetic treatments like veneers or crowns to restore your smile’s luster. 

Getting ready for Zoom treatment

You don’t need anything special before your appointment. Once you arrive at our office, we’ll examine your mouth to rule out cracked teeth, gum disease, dental decay, and extreme tooth sensitivity. Even a tiny issue can be irritated by our potent bleaching agents, so we must address it first before your whitening session. We’ll also professionally clean your teeth to remove built-in plaque and tartar that may prevent the bleaching agent from penetrating the enamel.

The next step is for our dental team to explain how the color of your teeth will change. You may want the whitest, brightest teeth possible, but sometimes, they may not be the best for your smile. Don’t worry, though! We’ll guide you in helping you pick the shade that complements your facial features, teeth, and other aspects. 

The Zoom whitening process

The dentist will secure your lips and cheeks with a retractor for easy access to the teeth. We’ll also use a protective gel or guard to shield your gums and other tissues from the whitening gel. 

Next, we carefully apply the whitening gel on the visible surfaces of the teeth. Then, we expose the bleaching agent to a special light that activates the whitening gel to break down stubborn stains from your teeth. We’ll let the bleaching gel stay on your teeth for about 15 minutes before repeating this step three to four times to achieve the desired results.

Usually, an in-office teeth whitening session lasts approximately an hour and has the potential to brighten your smile by up to eight shades. What better way to enhance your smile just in time for a significant upcoming event, like a wedding or a date?

Whitening your smile on your own schedule

We understand not everyone is comfortable with in-office teeth whitening. We offer customized whitening trays to help brighten your smile at your convenience. Whitening trays are worn for about 30 minutes daily, generating dramatic results within 10-14 days. 

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Professional teeth whitening near me

Want your smile to shine bright? Glendale Dental Wellness can help turn your yellow or brown teeth into a shining masterpiece. 

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