Protect and detect problems early … the power of routine dental “check-ups”

Glendale Dental Wellness has everything you need to keep or restore the health and beauty of your smile under one roof. While we offer comprehensive services, certain “essentials” are fundamental to our approach to care. Notably, all patients, regardless of their health status, should maintain routine “check-ups,” or dental exams, x-rays, and cleanings at our office, which proudly serves greater Los Angeles County, California.

The cleaning 

Visits typically start with our hygienists gently yet thoroughly removing surface stains, bacteria, and stubborn plaque build-up from the teeth and at the gum line. This is the “standard” professional cleaning. A “deep cleaning” (scaling and root planing) is recommended for patients with active gum disease. SRP involves cleaning underneath the gum line and smoothing out rough root surfaces, which attract bacteria and plaque. 

The exam

Our talented dentist, Dr. Ivan Chan, uses his considerable know-how to evaluate for problems with your teeth, gums, and associated tissues and structures. Early-stage teeth and gum problems often are silent or produce subtle, easy-to-ignore symptoms. So, it is critical for Dr. Chan to regularly evaluate these issues before they progress and cause irreparable damage. He will also screen for anomalies, such as suspicious lumps and bumps, that may indicate pre-cancers and warrant further investigation.

The technology 

What Dr. Chan cannot pinpoint by sight or by touch, he can detect with the use of advanced diagnostics. These technologies include digital radiography (x-rays), intraoral cameras, and laser-assisted cavity detection. The effectiveness of treatment plans depends on accurate diagnoses. So, we know the underlying cause of your pain and other symptoms and can target and resolve the condition. Investments in cutting-edge technologies support accurate diagnoses and conservative, non-invasive, efficient, and affordable treatment. The sooner we can effectively resolve the problem, the better off you will be, as costly, aggressive, and time-consuming restorative treatments are avoided.

Our team also provides guidance. We can assist you with selecting the best oral care products for your mouth and situation. We can advise and demonstrate good brushing and flossing techniques. We may even suggest (and administer) additional professional preventative services during your regular check-up. Depending on your needs, these services could range from fluoride supplements to build up your tooth structure’s natural defense (enamel) to dental sealants to protect decay-prone back teeth. 

Due for a check-up? Contact Glendale Dental Wellness today! Call 818-243-3838 before concerning changes arise. The best time to see us is before you notice scary stuff like “pink in the sink” or stinging or jarring pain when you drink something sweet or bite down.