A guide to tooth extractions: Restore your health and comfort

Dentists like Dr. Ivan Chan generally partner with patients to keep their teeth healthy and functioning comfortably and normally. However, there are some circumstances when a tooth’s extraction (or removal) is necessary to restore the patient’s oral and overall health.

Candidates for tooth extraction

The need for dental extractions can be avoided with preventative services at Glendale Dental Wellness. We serve individuals and their families throughout Southern California with everything from routine check-ups (exams and professional cleanings) to professional preventive care (such as dental sealants and fluoride). 

When hygiene modifications fail, dental restorations such as fillings and crowns preserve the teeth and oral health. Root canal therapy, followed by a crown, is a “last resort” procedure to save badly damaged teeth. Not all teeth are candidates for RCT. Sometimes, teeth do not heal properly following such treatment. In these and other cases, extraction may be recommended to get you feeling and looking better. 

Dental extraction may be a suitable treatment for:

  • Teeth with heavy decay
  • Patients with advanced gum disease who have sustained damage to essential bone tissue
  • Patients who are undergoing treatments with dentures or braces
  • Impacted wisdom teeth (third molars that are trapped in the bone and don’t erupt properly)
  • Baby teeth that have failed to fall out on their own 

Depending on your needs, Dr. Chan may be able to gently loosen and remove the tooth with a “simple” extraction procedure. Surgical extraction may be necessary to remove teeth that are broken, partially or fully impacted, or otherwise inaccessible. 

Regardless of the type of extraction, patients at Glendale Dental Wellness should expect the most comfortable and pleasant experience and the most precise treatment possible. We are equipped to provide a range of options for dental sedation, from nitrous oxide to oral conscious sedation. We pride ourselves on our kind, personalized approach to care. 

Additionally, we discuss prompt and advanced options to replace missing teeth as needed; for instance, our tooth replacement services include immediate placement of implant-supported dentures. 

Many of the conditions that lead to the need for extraction services are progressive. So, do not wait for problems such as pain and swelling to arise before contacting us. Schedule an appointment at our Glendale, CA, office by calling 818-243-3838.